The Internet, email and social media have proved to be valuable assets to businesses worldwide. But with anything that is of value, crooks are drawn to them. Today more than ever, cybercriminals and hackers are working hard to steal identities, credit cards and anything they can monetize. The US Department of Labor has warned that 93% of businesses that suffer a significant data loss go out of business within five years.

Security software alone is not enough now-a-days to protect your PCs and servers. Because of that, the security experts are advising to use a layered approach to security. Your best protection is best-of-breed protection on your PCs and servers and a powerful firewall.

Network firewalls protect your network from the outside world, i.e. cybercriminals, hackers and viruses. Firewalls also provide spam and content filtering of emails and protection against spyware.

Computer Solutions of Alabama, Inc. provides excellent firewall protection using the WatchGuard XTM firewall appliances. These devices offer affordable security for small businesses.

WatchGuard XTM appliances include:

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