Every Small Business Can Use a Server

Whether you have two (2) PCs, five or more, you need a centralized location to store, manage, share, protect and monitor your business data. Using a PC to share data across a network is prone to all sorts of problems.

Benefits of a Server

The benefits of a server include file and network security, data storage centrialization, increased reliability, security, patch management, and backup.

Windows Server Essentials

Microsoft Small Business Server (MS SBS), now known as Windows Server 2016 Essentials provides centrialized location of your data, network security, patch management, centrialized backup of the server and PCs, remote access, VPN, and Office 365 integration. Windows Server 2016 Essentials includes a dashboard application that allows the novice user to oversee and perform routine tasks, including administering Office 365 Give us a call today to discuss your first server or CSA supporting your current servers.